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Discover the Heart Behind Our Mission: Redefining Senior Care

HomeCare by Design is on a mission to redefine senior care and make a meaningful impact in the lives of our clients and their families. Our dedicated team provides compassionate, empathetic, and trustworthy care, enabling seniors to age in place while relieving loved ones of caregiving responsibilities. We believe in personalized attention, respect, and maintaining independence with services that go beyond personal care to encompass medical and household management. With a focus on medical coordination and a unique life enrichment program, we aim to create meaningful experiences. We build lasting relationships, offer emotional support, and stay connected even after a loved one's passing. As a community-focused small business, we actively support initiatives like the Alzheimer's Association and the Elderly Wish Foundation, reflecting our commitment to senior well-being. Choose HomeCare by Design for compassionate, reliable, and dedicated senior care.

The Difference in The Design

What makes us unique in our approach

Nursing Team

Discover the difference of personalized care with our licensed nursing team's direct oversight. Our dedicated nurses conduct weekly visits and are deeply committed to maintaining your care plan to meet your unique goals. With a focus on safety, rehabilitation, and preventative care, our nursing team brings an unparalleled level of expertise and attention to detail to your caregiving experience. Experience the peace of mind that comes with having a team of licensed nurses by your side.

Medical Team
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Medical Management

Medical Management is our greatest tool for reinforcing the continuity of care and the most useful service for alleviating the current responsible party of medical upkeep. Utilizing our Medical Management team as a point of contact between Physicians, Family, and Care Staff strengthens the reliability of communication and effectiveness of care. Our team of experts will work with you to coordinate and manage your healthcare services, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of care every step of the way. Trust us to be your partner in healthcare, and experience the difference of personalized, patient-centered care.

Technology Integration

We believe that technology can play a vital role in improving the quality of care and enhancing the overall caregiving experience. Our use of technology means that you'll benefit from streamlined communication and fast response times. Our team is equipped with secure messaging and video conferencing tools, allowing us to stay in touch with you and your care team in real-time. This enables us to address any issues quickly, and provide updates on your care plan as needed.

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New Year Party

Life Enrichment Program

We believe that life should be filled with joy, excitement, and new experiences. That's why we're proud to offer our Life Enrichment Program, designed to give our clients events, outings, and personalized activities that they can look forward to. Our program includes a wide range of activities tailored to our clients' individual histories and preferences. Whether it's a day trip to a local museum, a game night with friends, or a creative project designed to spark your imagination, we're committed to creating experiences that will bring a smile to your face and enrich your life.

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Are you not sure if In-Home care is right for you?

HomeCare by Design is proud to announce our partnership with Catered Care Assisted Living, a leading provider of residential care services. Together, we are committed to delivering comprehensive and seamless care solutions for seniors in our community.

As part of this partnership, we have introduced the Comfort Bridge Program, a unique offering designed to provide families with a smooth and supportive transition into care. The Comfort Bridge Program allows families to receive exceptional care in the comfort of their own home, enabling them to acclimate to the care process before considering a potential relocation to one of our partnered Residential Facilities.

Through the Comfort Bridge Program, families can experience the quality and compassion of our care services firsthand while receiving the necessary support and guidance from our dedicated team. We understand that the decision to move to a Residential Facility can be a significant step, and our program aims to provide families with the time and confidence to make an informed choice about their loved one's care.

By partnering with Catered Care Assisted Living, HomeCare by Design offers a seamless continuum of care, ensuring that individuals receive the right level of support tailored to their unique needs. Our collaborative approach combines the expertise and resources of both organizations, guaranteeing a comprehensive and person-centered care experience for seniors and their families.


At HomeCare by Design, we are passionate about making a difference in the lives of our clients and providing them with the highest quality of care. Our partnership with Catered Care Assisted Living and the Comfort Bridge Program exemplify our dedication to redefining senior care and empowering families to make informed decisions about their loved one's well-being.

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