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From your Comfort to Our Care.
Ensuring seamless transitions across all stages of senior living

Offering In-Home Care and placement into our exclusive Residential Care Facilities 

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HomeCare by Design presents a distinctive dual approach to senior care, encompassing both in-home services and a dedicated Residential Care Facility. Our integrated model sets us apart from other agencies  by offering personalized and flexible care options that ensure continuity with familiar caregivers across settings. This approach empowers clients to select the most appropriate care environment for their needs while preserving the trusted relationships and high standards of care they have come to expect from us.

This philosophy of care is our signature, a testament to preserving continuity through every transition. Our administrative and caregiving staff form a cohesive unit, dedicated to a symphony of care that resonates with compassion and efficiency. 

The Difference in The Design


Each caregiver undergoes over 120 hours of hands-on training in our facilities, followed by a Nurse evaluation to ensure they meet our high service standards.

  • Hands on training with a variety of patient needs

  • Training overseen by medical professionals 

  • Ongoing hands on training throughout the year


Every patient is paired with a dedicated Medical Manager, offering families a consistent, single point of contact for information and updates

  • Streamlined Communication  for fast and easy access

  • Consistent continuity of information

  • Always know who you need to talk to 


Unlike traditional care agencies, Our unique model ensures a robust network of well-trained, long-serving caregivers, fostering continuity and expertise.

  • Reliability: Reduced turnover means less disruption in care continuity.

  • Consistent Quality Care: Patients receive stable, high-quality care from familiar faces


Our commitment extends to the happiness and safety of our staff,  fostering an environment where joy and security in our staff translates into vibrant, loving care for you.

  • Enhanced Care Quality

  • Consistent Performance

  • Trust and Security: Assurance for families knowing staff are well-supported

  • Stronger Teamwork

Our unique blend of In-Home Care and Residential Assisted Living services enables us to effectively address the most pressing concerns commonly raised by families in the geriatric care industry:

Personalized Elderly Support for Your Unique Care Journey

HomeCare by Design is at the forefront of personalized senior care, offering bespoke solutions that address the unique needs of your journey through elder care planning and management. Our services, ranging from senior home care to senior residential facility care, are tailored to the individual. With us, you'll experience a harmonious blend of empathy, cutting-edge innovation, and expert care coordination that guides you through the complexities of selecting the perfect care plan.

Join us in our Life Enrichment Excursions!

Embark on a vibrant journey with our exclusive Life Enrichment Program, tailored to ignite the adventurous spirit of our clients. This program is a cornerstone of our community, creating unforgettable experiences through a curated selection of local events and attractions. From the artistic halls of museums to the lively beats of concerts, and the enchanting world of plays, our seniors have the joy of choosing our next destination. This isn't just about days out; it's about weaving the fabric of our community tighter with every shared smile and memory made. Join us, and let the excitement of the week ahead fill you with anticipation.

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